About Us

The (uB) group of companies was founded by Louis Viljoen.

He has more than 25+ years programming experience in various programming languages.

He followed the JAVA technology path from the Alpha release in 1995, and has established himself as a JAVA specialist.


His aim is to help you become active on the Internet, and at the same time inject positive growth in the Internet community.

The internet consists of a mind-boggling huge number of participants, connected machines, 

software programs and a massive quantity of information, all spread around the world. 

This can be used to your advantage to make your Business a success.


uBConnected was established in 2012 to establish a more hype modern touch to the way people connect.


We provide custom development, using

  • HTML – XML – JAVA – C – C++ – C#- VB.Net and JAVA Script
  • Custom AddOn’s for SAP Business One.

We offer logistic and consulting services We also help  Grow your business through social media marketing.